Physical Address
 Rosslyn Machine Tools
 456 Jan van Riebeeck Street
 Pretoria North

 Postal Address
 P.O. Box 911 - 2461
 South Africa

 Telephone Numbers
 Office :(012) 546 - 5616 / (012) 546 - 9498
 Fax line : (012) 546 - 5590
 Cell : 082 552 8187 Pierre Rynners
 International Call : + 27 + (12) + Tel No

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Boring Mill - Vertical
Used O&M Vertical boring mill

R 275,000.00

More Information
CNC Machines
Used Monforts CNC turning centre - KNC 5

R 185,000.00

More Information
Used EasyRoute Vacuum CNC Router with 3kW Water-Cooled, 1300x2500x300mm Price on request  
Used Clear Cut CNC Plasma cutting machine - Complete and as new!! R 300,000.00  
Corner Notchers
New MAC pneumatic corner notcher R 12,000.00 More Information
  Currently no stock    
Drilling Machines
Used Meddings bench top drill - 13mm R 2,500.00 More Information
Used Arboga radial arm drilling machine - 32mm R 55,000.00  

Currency systems international granulator

R 30,000.00 More Information
Grinding Machines
Used Lumsden vertical spindle grinder (Snow grinder) R 120,000.00 More Information
Used Elliot surface grinder, 450mm x 200mm R 42,000.00  
Used Felisatti tool grinder R 8,000.00  
Used Lumsden vertical spindle grinder (Snow grinder) R 120,000.00  
Hand Punches
  Currently no stock    
Hydraulic Power Packs
Used Integral Hydraulic hydraulic power pack, 11 Kw R 28,000.00 More Information
Used DCJ centre lathe, 2000mm x 450mm R 80,000.00 More Information
Used Heavy duty lathe, 4000mm x 830mm R 225,000.00  
Milling Machines
Used ********************** R 75,000.00 More Information
Miscellaneous Machines
Used TECA Pad Printing Machines with Sealed Ink Well Systems R 55,000.00 More Information
New MAC pattern scrolling machine, model: JGW-16 R 26,000.00  
Pipe Threading Machines
New MAC pipe threading machine - 2 inch - No Stock   More Information
New MAC pipe threading machine - 4 inch - No Stock    
Press feeders and decoilers
NEW Pneumatic strip feeder, Model: AF-5C - 150mm No Stock More Information
NEW Pneumatic strip feeder, Model: AF-8C - 300mm No Stock  
Used Schuler 3in1 decoiler/leveler/feeder R95,000.00  
Presses - Eccentric / Fly Machines
Used Perkin Junior eccentric press - 3 ton R 7,000.00 More Information
Used Denbigh fly press - 3 ton R 4,500.00  
Used Denbigh fly press - 3 ton R 4,500.00  
Used Double column fly press - 8 ton R 10,000.00  
Used Sweeney & Blocksidge fly press - 4 ton R 7,000.00  
Used Vizor fly press - 5 ton R 8,000.00  
Used Vizor fly press - 4 ton R 7,000.00  
Saw Machines
Used Kasto fully automatic vertical bandsaw - SSB260VA R 85,000.00 More Information
Used Daito semi-auto horizontal band saw - ST-5070 R 150,000.00  
Used Metkon metallographic abrasive saw R 28,000.00  
Sheet Metal machines
Used MAC treadle guillotine, 1mm x 2000mm R 28,000.00 More Information
Used Hydraulic guillotine, 4mm x 3000mm R 120,000.00  
Used Guifil hydraulic press brake, 60 ton x 3000mm R 125,000.00  
Used LVD hydraulic guillotine, 16mm x 3100mm R 300,000.00  
Used Otmar Lockformer, LC-15DR R 28,000.00  
Used Formtek Lockformer, TDC-V R 45,000.00  
Thread Rollers
Used Cavour hydraulic thread roller - 15 ton R 120,000.00 More Information
Welding Machines
Used CEA tig welder, Model: Matrix 250HF R 12,500.00 More Information
Used Tecna table mounted spot welder - 8 kva R 6,000.00  
Used Miller Co2 welder - 250 Amps R 15,000.00  
Used Tonco arc welder R 2,500.00  
Used Briefcase arc welder R 1,500.00  
Wood Working Machines
Used Makita - LS1013L Sliding Compound Miter Saw with stand (AS NEW) R 10,000.00 More Information
Used Elektra Beckum Planer/Thicknesser R 12,500.00  
Used Used Bini rib sander R 32,000.00
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