Wood Working Machines


Used Casoline Austro sliding panel saw

Motor size: 6kw
Tilting blade: 0 to 45 degrees (Electronic readout)
Main blade diameter: 250mm to 400mm max
Cutting height with 400mm blade: 130mm
Cutting height with 400mm blade at 45 degrees: 92mm
Main blade rpm: 3200 ~ 4200 ~ 5000 rpm
Scoring blade motor: 0.75hp
Scoring blade diameter: 125mm
Scoring blade speed: 9000 rpm
Sliding table size: 3250mm x 406mm
Fixed table dimension: 1140mm x 660mm
Ripping capacity using parallel measuring fence: 1090mm
Fence rail lubrication system
Dust outlet diameter: 127mm
Weight: 1150kg

Asking price: R 65,000.00 excluding vat

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Used Bini rib sander

Single belt, main motor drive with 250mm drive and idle pulleys.
Manual recip. roller table 1265mm x 3000mm.
Manual operated pressure platen with lever arm.
150mm abrasive belt width, motorized rise and fall with 800mm vertical adjustment
Electric rise/fall of table
forward/reverse speed.
End mounted fan motor for dust collection.

Asking price: R 32,000.00 excluding vat


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